The Security Job Board

This is a recent Q&A discussion between a consultant (Fred) and Jeff Snyder, President of

FRED:  Jeff, what made you decide to turn your into a Security Job Board where companies can directly post jobs?

JEFF: The is the most visited page on the website.  A recent poll conducted by the President of a technology focused association suggests that the members of his association are highly interested in jobs. 

FRED: Aren’t you taking away from your search business by allowing employers to post directly to your jobs page?

JEFF: You might think so but not really.  Employers typically don’t pay search fees to fill staff-level positions.  Our daily search traffic is made up of a very wide audience.  On one hand, we’re visited by security guards.  On the other end of the spectrum, we’re visited by CISO and CSO job seekers.  You can safely assume that security job candidates who hold every title between a security guard and a “C” level security executive visit us too. 

We’re typically retained to directly recruit for highly strategic positions.  Since companies don’t pay search fees for most staff-level security roles but we see that level of traffic, we decided to connect the dots between security job seekers and those who have staff-level jobs to fill.

FRED: What kinds of jobs are landing on your

JEFF: Our current postings include CISO jobs, Security Sales Jobs, Security Business Development Jobs, Security Architect Jobs, Cyber Security Jobs or Cybersecruity Jobs, Security Research Jobs, Homeland Security Jobs, jobs that require a government security clearance and more.  We anticipate seeing more Cyber Security jobs, DoD Security Jobs, Homeland Security Jobs and Government Security Jobs coming our way due to a new partnership we’ve entered into.

FRED: How do security candidates apply for jobs on your site that were posted directly by hiring authorities?

JEFF: It is very easy to apply for jobs on our security jobs page.  Companies have either set their postings up to receive an email response or they direct the security job seeker to an on-line application on their own website.

FRED: I understand that you have a security jobs page but where does the search traffic come from? 

JEFF: was created to support the information security recruiting I’ve been doing since 1995.  A couple of years ago, we were given the opportunity to recruit for high-level corporate security jobs.  As I’ve recruited for a variety of information security jobs, corporate security jobs, electronic security jobs and physical security jobs, we’ve developed a very tight niche of regular visitors to

FRED: So all of your search traffic comes to you as a result of your prior direct recruiting?

JEFF: Not by a long shot.  is found at the top of every major search engine in the world.  We don’t know exactly how many search terms we’ve been indexed for but the number is in the hundreds.  When people search for a security recruiter or a security headhunter, we’re there.  When the search is for information security jobs, corporate security jobs, physical security jobs, homeland security jobs, Cybersecurity jobs or cyber security jobs, we’re there.

FRED: So your visitors come to you as a result of direct recruiting and from natural search engine results?

JEFF: Yes but that isn’t all.  Nearly 4 years ago, I set out to build a LinkedIn network.  I wasn’t exactly sure what the value of a LinkedIn network would be at the time.  I think LinkedIn had 3 million worldwide members when I started building my network.  After a lot of hard work in the past and continual work in the present to build my network, the size of my LinkedIn network today exceeds 20 million people.  While I can’t prove it and it wouldn’t matter if I did, I’m likely sitting on the largest gathering of security professionals in the world on LinkedIn.  Security professionals find me on LinkedIn and introduce themselves as candidates every day.  Some of my clients from the past few years are companies that have found on LinkedIn LinkedIn.

FRED: Wow! So sees search traffic from natural search, from your direct recruiting efforts and from LinkedIn?

JEFF: Yes, that is correct but there is more.  We’re found on other networking sites like facebook Facebook , twitter Twitter, Plaxo Plaxo Pulse 

JEFF: Yes to all of those but don’t forget the Security Recruiter Blog Blogger.  We try to add new information to the blog every day Monday through Friday.  Some of our blogs focus on security resume writing, some on cover letter writing, some on interviewing skills, some on security jobs, many entries come on the heels of interesting conversations with CISOs or CSOs across industry.  We try to keep the blog information fresh and varied.  As new jobs are added to our security jobs page, we add them to the blog to reach our blog followers.

FRED: Okay, so I think I’m out of questions because everything you’re doing is making me tired just thinking about it.  Good luck with your future growth!