Global Energy Physical Security Manager (Filled with 1st Resume)

West Africa, Equatorial Guinea
Position Reference Number: PHYSECEQG
Mid $100s Package
Relocation Package: Yes
Job Type: Full-Time
Required Education: Bachelor Preferred, CPP

Job Description has been retained by a subsidiary of one of the world's largest energy companies to manage the security operations of their 3 plant operation and residential housing compound in Equatorial Guinea. Working through a group of direct reports, this role has a span of control over approximately 150 unarmed security guards. This position's responsibility includes the protection of business personnel and assets, serving as Host Nation liaison, development and implementation of security performance testing programs, national employee development and all associated security initiatives related to shore-side facilities, Terminal areas, Maritime exclusion zones, work boats transit, production storage areas, company housing and platform assets. The Security Manager will: Oversee and enforce all established security plans, procedures and standard operating procedures; Develop annual threat assessments in conjunction with the US Embassy, Global Security and Host Nation; Conduct annual security vulnerability assessments in conjunction with Global Security; Meet quarterly with Host Nation officials to discuss site security progress; Develop joint short timeline emergency response plans and procedures with Host Nation; Implement and maintain a weekly security department performance testing program with documented results; Coordinate the evacuation plan; Interface with US Embassy representatives; Develop and maintain a barrier protection plan; Develop and maintain vehicular and personnel access control procedures including random Anti-Terrorism search measures; Interface with Host Nation Naval authorities. Many perks and benefits are provided to the Security Manager including: Company housing, food, tax free financial incentives, travel expenses, generous time off after working 9 or 12 week shifts and more. Company housing is very attractive and sits in an environment that resembles Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Employee sporting events are regularly organized along with special dinners, group trips into local towns and more. Compensation for this role is a combination of base salary and several bonuses. Part of one's income will be taxed while part is tax-free. Details related to taxation vary depending on the country of origin for the selected candidate. This is an abbreviated job description. A full job description will be provided to selected candidates.

Job Requirements

The desired candidate will be a business-savvy physical security manager who excels at managing large numbers of people through supervisors and who also excels at managing multi-million dollar budgetary expenses. Candidates will demonstrate leadership experience that qualifies them to provide direction to expatriate staff members. Candidates will demonstrate experience with security systems (burglary, CCTV, etc.) and will have prior multi-site loss prevention experience where investigation of fraudulent activities was part of their prior responsibilities. Candidates will demonstrate outstanding verbal and written communication skills required to interact with executive management across multiple lines of business, savvy business skills necessary to regularly interact with Host Nation government and military officials and skills required to influence and sell security related ideas, needs and concepts to executive management. Candidate backgrounds might come from corporate security, former military, former government agency or former law enforcement. A CPP certification is appreciated. This role will require either 9 or 12 weeks working on site in Equatorial Guinea followed by either 3 or 4 weeks of time off. The employer pays for airfare for the employee and in some cases the spouse. Maritime Security Job, Oil & Gas Security Job, Africa Security Job, EG Security Job