Bank Fraud, BSA/AML Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (Filled with 1 Resume)

TX-Travel to Client Site
Position Reference Number: AMLTX3
$110,000 - $175,000
Relocation Package: No
Job Type: Contract
Required Education: BA/BS, CFS, CAMS, AMLP, CFE

Job Description

This role is a long-term consulting assignment for a seasoned Bank Anti-Money Laundering Consultant to serve our client. The Fraud / AML Consultant is responsible for the day to day operation of the Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Department, the detection systems contained within and the staff assigned. The incumbent is responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of all fraudulent activity perpetrated against the Bank, its assets and clients. This will also include occurrences of money laundering and terrorist financing and any circumstance that promotes a reputation risk to the institution. The position is also responsible for the investigation of internal and external fraud activities and all employee issues where criminal activity is suspected. The incumbent will ensure the department meets all regulatory requirements such as BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), OFAC and USA Patriot Act, and is operating within the established policies and guidelines. Responsibilities include: Develop, implement and maintain effective policies and procedures to protect the company, its assets, staff and customers from criminal activities; Review operations on an ongoing basis and recommend the appropriate level of protection involving fraud detection equipment and procedures; Ensure staff are competent, capable and knowledgeable in fraud and anti-money laundering investigations; Monitor existing, new and emerging criminal trends as they relate to financial institutions and develop strategies to protect the organization from these criminal initiatives; Design, deliver and maintain an effective fraud program and provide ongoing support and training in all matters of fraud; Provide subject matter expertise enabling management to actively protect and detect potential fraud from internal and external threats; Investigate all known or suspected fraudulent and other criminal activities against the organization ensuring that proper organizational standards/legal requirements are followed; Investigate all instances of employee defalcation and suspected criminal activity ensuring proper investigative and interviewing standards are met; Coordinate, professionally handle and facilitate the recovery of losses through civil processes. This includes maintaining a fraud database to pro-actively identifying potential risks/losses due to criminal activities; Manage the organization's anti-money laundering program including investigating suspicious transactions and referring suspicious transactions to the regulatory bodies including FINTRAC and law enforcement agencies as well as assisting in establishing the integrity of potential clients and existing customers. Also liaise with the organization's Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer for anti-money laundering purposes; Manage the fraud risk management function relative to the organization's credit and debit programs, both as issuers and acquirers by ensuring adequate policies, procedures and standards to minimize losses; Maintain regular contact with industry to keep up to date on evolving technology available to implement preventative/detective solutions as they become available; Continue to identify and enhance fraud and money-laundering and terrorist financing automated tools.

Job Requirements

Requires significant experience investigating financial fraud and money-laundering activities in banking environments. Possess a 4-year degree and one or more of the following certifications: CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, CFS (Certified Fraud Specialist), AMLP (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional). Consultant must demonstrate 10 years experience in law enforcement (Secret Service, FBI, etc) and/or in the banking industry and must demonstrate extensive experience working with the Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act and OFAC. This role requires extensive customer contact. Consultant must demonstrate above-average verbal and written business communication skills, advanced analytical skills, strategic thinking skills and the ability to lead others. AML Job, Anti-Money Laundering Job, BSA Job, Bank Fraud Job, Bank Risk Management Job, Security Risk Management Job, Texas Security Job