Converged Security Certifications


The Convergence of Information Security, Electronic Security and Physical Security is Inevitable.  Are you ready?  Do you have the right credentials to compete for tomorrow’s security jobs?

A message from Jeff Snyder, President of

We’re proud to announce our partnership with the Technolytics Institute, (technolytics), an independent executive think-tank.

Get to know technolytics:

Technolytics helps guide business executives, industry leaders and government policy makers in shaping the economic, regulatory and risk environment of tomorrow. One of the Hallmarks of technolytic’s service offering is security and risk scenario planning. The approach is called Trans-disciplinary Intelligence Engineering (TIE). This approach has been used to develop scenarios for Homeland Security, Corporate Event Planning, Corporate Espionage and Security and for other entities. This technique has been applied to strategic planning, product strategy, competitive strategy and marketing strategy as well as security and risk management.

Technolytics offers:
Certifications include the CCSO (Certified Chief Security Officer), CPISM (Certified Physical and Information Security Management) and the CPISC (Certified Physical and Information Security Consultant).

The world’s first trio of truly converged security certifications covering topics such as:

White-Collar Crime


Social Engineering

Computer Hacking

Computer Crime

Security Systems

Money Laundering

Corporate Espionage

Cyber Terrorism

Biometric Security Devices


Why pursue Converged Security training and certification?

Because many of the best executive security jobs of the present and those of the future will require security professionals who understand information security, electronic security, physical security, enterprise risk management and business. 
These cutting-edge certifications and the training required to earn certification will put you in a class of your own.  Join an elite group of global security professionals who have earned the CCSO, CPISM and CPISC certifications.  This is a group of stand-out security professionals that includes a small number who understand both logical security and physical security and how the two disciplines are truly converging.


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To apply for a Converged Security Certification:



Please print out the PDF application, complete it and then fax it back to

Kevin G. Coleman,
The Technolytics Institute
4017 Washington Road
Mail Stop 348
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 888-650-0800
Fax: 412-291-1193


Once accepted by The Technolytics Institute, payment is made through by calling 719.686.8810 and speaking with Jeff Snyder.  We’ll send an invoice directly through PayPal.  We do not collect credit card data and we do not collect your Converged Security Certification application data.