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Co-authors Leo and Sharon Wrobel visit China, by invitation of  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fall 2008.

For over 20 years, b4Ci founder Leo A. Wrobel’s achievements have brought him widespread acceptance and broad acclaim.   His twelve and over 500 trade stand as testament to his ability, having withstood the scrutiny of thousands of technologists and peers. Over the years we have completed many plans for large financial services companies, stock and securities traders, heavy manufacturers, service providers, call centers, telephone companies and others.  Once we even beat out all national competitors in head to head competition to perform a Network Vulnerability Analysis on a 16 thousand seat call center, with a building 1½ times the size of the Pentagon!  We won that assignment due to the extensive scope of our experience and publishing, and the fact that even the much larger competitors were using our books, methodologies and materials!  Can the consultant you are presently considering make these claims

Can We Afford b4Ci ?

We promise you a gentle touch on your budget, combined with proven consultants that will get the job done right the first time.  Since 1986 Mr. Wrobel’s firms have conducted assignments at rates between $1,000 and $10,000 per day.  Even so, b4Ci CEO Leo Wrobel also served for ten years as a Mayor and City Councilman, without any compensation at all.  It is not all about the money to us and we understand the financial constraints in trying to build a good plan on a budget. It never hurts to call us and ask.  To further hold the line on expense, we maintain a staff of highly qualified consultants working directly under Mr. Wrobel’s supervision to help you write a good plan without sacrificing quality.  Our proven methodology can have a draft in your hands in as few as 90 days.  Bottom line, we embrace the opportunity to discuss any worthwhile assignment, including working out a payment plan that meets your unique needs.  You can always feel free to call Leo personally at 1 (214) CALL-LEO  or click below right now for the topic that most meets your needs.





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