Cyber Attacks Against the Grid

3 Day Course Syllabus

Cyber Attacks Against the Grid
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Setting the Cyber Security Stage - Cyber Security Threat Outlook
  • Cyber Hacktivism - Google / Baidu Incident
  • Cyber Espionage - Espionage by PowerPoint
  • Cyber Terrorism - al-Qaeda’s Case Study
  • Cyber Intelligence - Cyber Intelligence Sourcing
  • Cyber Weapons - Cyber Weapons Classification Study
  • eBombs, TEDs and Pulse Devices - EMP Threat Analysis Pro/Con
  • Cyber Attack Process - SCADA—Critical Infrastructure Stuxnet
  • Cyber Incident Command (C-ICS)
  • Summary & Review
  • Examination

Cyber Attacks Against the GridThis program is specifically designed to introduce participants to the fundamental components that comprise the cyber threat environment and their relationship to the principles of cyber warfare, attack and security. This program is heavily weighted with current real-world cyber events and threat analysis. Through programs like this, Technolytics delivers a comprehensive global cyber security and cyber intelligence review, encompassing risks and threats to your organization’s reputations and information assets. Our formats range from 1.5 hour briefings to a 3 day-long formal training courses, as well as our 16 week academic program.

Modern societies around the world, as well as the militaries that defend them, are heavily reliant on computers and information technology and that reliance is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. The use of cyber weapons and attacks as an instrument of power projection and influence is becoming increasingly more commanding and challenging at the same time. The science of modern warfare has entered the information age. The issue of cyber terrorism is of a growing national interest and concern. We have experienced a dramatic increase in cyber attacks and the emergence of cyber weapons that combined have caught government and military leaders around the world off guard and the same is true when it comes those protecting the critical infrastructure.

Cyber capabilities are a critical aspect of modern day warfare and as such must be integrated into military doctrine. A number of nations are incorporating cyber warfare as a new part of their military doctrine. The development, acquisition and use of cyber attack capabilities demand governments, militaries and the technology sector take decisive actions to mitigate our risks.

Cyber Attacks Against the GridCyber defenses are now viewed as a component of a comprehensive national security strategy rather than a stand-alone option. As the military, intelligence agencies, government leaders, and the homeland security community develop an appropriate doctrine to systematically and appropriately counter the threat of cyber terrorism and cyber warfare, it is paramount that the utilities industry coupled with others in the private sector understand and address this rapidly changing threat.

Our 1-Day Cyber Defense program outlined to the left examines the current state of cyber attack issues as they might apply to acts in businesses, infrastructure and state and local government, and uses case study summaries of actual events to develop real-world insights for those in the general stakeholder group. Of special interest to the nuclear energy sector is the program provides a common context for discussion, coordination and decision making including cyber incident command templates.

Our 3-Day Cyber Security program examines the current international and domestic cyber issues as they might apply to acts of cyber aggression, and uses case study summaries of actual events to develop real-world insights for those in the energy sector.

Note: An onsite, classified (SECRET) version of this program is available.