December 2009 - India blocked
25 million Chinese-made cell
phones to tighten security.

FACT: Nearly 50% of employees
spend more than 20% of their
time away from their desks driving the business with the use of cell phones.

FACT: 85% of adults now
carry a cell phone.

FACT: 24% of cell phone
users admit to sleeping with their cell phones so they won’t miss a text message or call.

FACT: China has over 720
million cell phones in operation.

FACT: Mobile browser users
have increased 143% and pages
viewed have increased 224%
year on year.


Cellular Spying Vendors
¨ Flexispy
¨ Mobile Spy
¨ E-Stealth
¨ Big Daddy Spy
¨ Cell Spy Pro
¨ Daddy’s Eye
¨ Mobi Stealth
¨ Brick House


cell_targetWe live in a 24/7/365 connected world. Cell phones have evolved into an essential part of our business and every day social lives. We are on our cell phones all the time – talking, texting and taking photos and videos. Consider the private conversations and information that you routinely share when using your cell phone. How would you feel if someone was listening to every word, reading every text.message or viewing your pictures and videos? It could be happening. Technology has given spies the ultimate listening device that has permeated throughout every organization. Software secretly loaded on cell phones now creates that ultimate listening device.

Independent Verification
This capability has been independently verified. A software package was purchased and installed on an individual’s cell phone. At that point the individual went about their normal daily activities. Within minutes information began being collected and forwarded to the monitoring point we defined. The GPS location of the device was also available to the monitoring device and several emails were also copied and transferred, as well as text messages in near real-time.

Now you can see just how vulnerable cell phone conversations can be! These cell phone software applications enable unscrupulous people to spy on compromised cell phones. Nothing is logged and the spy software leaves absolutely no trace of its existence or activity on the targets’ phone. Some of these cellular spying applications are so well crafted that they allow a specific text messages to be sent to the phone that will cause the
spyware to erase itself in order to avoid detection. Cell phone users and security professionals concerned about cellular spyware should monitor their phones' battery usage/life as that is the only indicator we can find of the phone being compromised. The only sure way to find out if there's a bug is to conduct cellular forensic analysis. To protect these devices users must keep their phone with you at all times and make sure the phone is password protected.

The average price for cellular spying software package is around $90 USD and it is widely available over the Internet. Spying applications are available for most of the popular cell phones including the iPhone and Blackberry. Right now the cellular spyware can only be installed onto a phone if it is physically connected to a computer. However, experts say it won't be long before cyber spying software will be remotely sent. In fact, there are rumors of a remote exploitation cellular spying application already.

NOTE: Organizations and individuals need to be aware that the use of cellular spying software violates many privacy laws and possibly even wiretapping laws.

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