Building Relationships with Highly Specialized Recruiters - Proactively
Article by Jeff Snyder

You buy insurance before you have an accident. You choose a primary doctor when you initiate new health insurance coverage. You identify a dentist before you need a root canal. Isn’t your career important enough to you to proactively identify and promote yourself to recruiters who specialize in recruiting in your skill discipline? Considermaking a project out of identifying, approaching and building relationships with recruiters who specialize in recruiting your skill set - before your boat is taking on water and sinking. Connect with specialized recruiters before you need them. In this second part of Jeff Snyder’s Technical Support Magazine


oneIdentifying specialized recruiters is not difficult.
“Headhunters” who specialize in recruiting skills such as
Information Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are not difficult to find. We refer to these recruiters as “specialized”in this article because they are focused in their respective disciplines and don’t generally dabble beyond their areas of specialization. Because of this fact, many different ways exist to identify them. For example, you’ll find specialized recruiters through business and social networks such as , in directories of specialized recruiters online and through search engines. Don’t forget to ask your peers who they know of who is specialized in recruiting your particular set of skills. Once you have found one, which is again the easy part, here are some ways to manage your relationship with them: handshake

twoUnderstand what a specialized recruiter’s Corporate clients expect from them
Specialized recruiters are hired by companies that want th
industry’s top talent. When a specialized recruiter takes on a search, the parameters of the search are generally very tight and the bar of expectation on the hiring manager’s side of the desk sits very high. Employers
who are paying a search fee to a specialized recruiter set higher expectations than employers who fill their own jobs without the help of specialized outside recruiters. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd and, you have to be at the top of your profession for a highly specialized recruiter to be able to place you with one of their clients.


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threeApproach a specialized recruiter with a well thought-out plan.
Before you reach out to a specialized recruiter to make yourself known, think through your objectives. If you’re going to use email to make a first impression, take the time to write a carefully developed cover letter. Your cover letter should be written in executive summary format. It should be spell and grammar checked. A wellwritten cover letter will provide compelling enough information in bite-sized portions to make the recipient of the cover letter want to read your attached resume. If you choose to use the phone to make your first introduction, speak clearly, make the purpose of your call easy to understand, spell your name and repeat your phone number slowly and more than one time. Make your first impression one that will cause the specialized recruiter to want to call you back.

fourGet to know specialized recruiters before you need them.
Companies that have highly strategic positions to fill frequently call on specialized recruiters. Looked at from a different point of view, one could say that specialized recruiters often sit on some of the most sought-after and compelling positions in industry. Think of these positions as career building positions that aren’t always advertised and frequently fly under the radar screen. Who lands in these highly sought-after positions? The first professionals to receive calls from specialized recruiters are professionals who have proactively built relationships with highly specialized recruiters at times when the professional isn’t in need of a new job.


fivePosition yourself for well-thought-out career moves.
Build relationship with recruiters who specialize in recruiting your skill set and your phone could ring unexpectedly to discuss just the right career move that you weren’t looking for but you might be ready to pursue. Highly specialized recruiters can frequently be your bridge to better opportunity.

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is the President of , a search firm highly specialized in information security recruiting. Jeff’s recruiting career started in 1990 in the general IT recruiting space.
His first information security recruiting assignment landed on his desk in the 1995 - 1996 timeframe. provides full-time and contract recruiting services, job placement services and and is a gateway to various kinds of security education, security certifications and security training opportunities.

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Article from Technical Support Magazine / December 2009